As we are realising, there is so much variation in Italian wine in terms of grape varieties, local blends, soil type, processes and more. In seeking out hidden treasures to bring to you, we also get to support vineyard owners and wine producers whose passion is the wine, and not the profit. They are risk takers, committed to honouring their heritage whilst not afraid to temper that with adapting to an ever changing world.


The first vineyard that we began to work with, to be found in the hills South-West of Piacenza,not too far from Milan.

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Along with our Partner Gabriele, we will always be working to build relationships with more vineyards, to make sure that we are bringing you really great wines at a fair yet competitive price. We don’t have the resources of a large company, so this process takes time, not least because we really want to connect with the growers and winemakers to broker long lasting deals based on trust, respect, and in time, friendship. So, keep your eyes peeled!